Step 1: Select Two Fabrics

Custom Blankets are NOT included in any holiday sales. An invoice will be sent for balance if a discount is applied.

Blankets Can Not Be Guaranteed For Christmas. I will do my best but can no longer guarantee them.

Create Your Own Lincoln&Lexi Blankets with Custom Fabrics in 3 Easy Steps
Step 1: Select Two Fabrics, one for front one for back. If you want the same fabric for both sides put in quantity of "2" in the size you would like.

Step 2: If you would like a satin edge, select that here!! If you dont want a satin edge, skip this step!

Step 3: Would you like a name or saying added to the blanket? Choose that here!

*Blanket fabric inventory may vary!
**In the case that we are out of one of the fabrics, we will reach out to you with other options!

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